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A big crash can be a big problem, especially if your car ends up looking worse for wear. At Wheat's Auto Body, we're dedicated to making a difference, providing you with great service for great prices. From re-painting with our computerized color matching system, fixing dings, scrapes, collision damage, and towing, there's nothing our team can't do. 
Car body paint

Auto body repairs

Dents, scratches, and misalignment can happen to anyone. If you were in an accident and are facing body damage, we're the best team in town to make your car look like new again.
  • Body work
  • Collision Repair
  • Frame straightening
  • Paintless dent removal
  • Alignment
  • and more!

Insurance made easy

Why spend hours going back and forth with your insurance company when there's an easier alternative? The Wheat's team is pros at handling insurance claims, working with countless local and national companies to settle your claim as quickly as possible. When you need repairs, there's no one better to call.
Wheat's Auto Body Inc
Wheat's Auto Body Inc

Professional painting

Sometimes, there's no fixing big scratches or worn dents. That's why Wheat's Auto Body is prepared to give your car a fresh coat of paint. Our paint booth utilizes the latest technology, guaranteeing a perfect match, no matter what color your car may be. With factory-grade products for virtually any make and model, we'll help your car look its very best. 
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